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Silver Braze It

I have a 2 gallon professional hand pump insecticide sprayer (B&G) which has developed a small pinhole in an area not near a seam....

Soldering Aluminum Foil

I would like to solder Al foil (Ordinary Al foil you find at the supermarket) for perfect electrical and mechanical contact with an ordinary soldering iron...

Brazing: Brass to Stainless Steel

My husband is making some barbecue tools where he is joining brass handles to stainless steel

Brazing versus Soldering:

Welding Challenged asks: "Are both soldering processes? Silver soldering being a specific process, where brazing is a more generic term? Isn't brazing normally a melted bronze soldering process?...

Brazing vs. Soldering, Technical:

I recently reviewed your response regarding the difference between soldering and brazing. Having worked for a manufacturer of brazing and soldering products for 16 years I would like to provide a more accurate explanation of these processes....

Brazing Tank Fittings:

The skins of the tanks are made of .025 thick 6061-T6 as per plans. However, the aluminum fuel fittings are very large (.100 to .120 thick) in comparison to the skin. Question - Should I braze the fittings into the skin?

Brazing & Welding, Aluminum:

All the welding supply houses in my area want to sell me brazing fluxes and I found your products while surfing the web. If you could e-mail respond I will promptly order by mail. I have enjoyed your presentations at Oshkosh.

Soldering, Copper:

I am making some copper chargers for table use (no food contact). I want to solder some decoration and...