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Authentic Aluminum Gas Welding Authentic Aluminum Gas Welding - The Method Revived
by Kent White

This booklet was written to be a companion to our instructional DVD’s on aluminum gas welding. This handy toolbox reference contains troublehsooting tips, a super-detailed filler metal chart, and the Kent White aviation method for setting the torch – any torch, and with any regulator, in an easy step-by-step guide. You do NOT need fancy low-pressure regulators to do fine work with the torch. Hundreds of dollars in time-savings. Booklet/36 pp. - More Info -

Item # Description Price Qty
SMB-0029   Authentic Aluminum Gas Welding   $9.50  

Stump Booklet The Forming Stump, Slappers, Spoon & Spike
by Kent White

The Forming Stump Booklet and Slapper Booklet have been combined with the addition of the Spoon and Spike. The combination of these unique and simple tools allows you to shape, contour and smooth sheet metal. Booklet - 30 pages, 2009 - More Info -

Item # Description


SMB-0031   The Forming Stump, Slappers, Spoon & Spike   $9.50  

Using the English Wheel
by Kent White

This introduction to the history and basics of the Eng- lish Wheel explains the concepts, tooling, parts, and geometry behind wheeling. Gives the fundamentals on how and when to use the English Wheel, how to accurately set and adjust the machine, marking topography, proper tracking and pressure, and mak- ing parts. Includes frequently asked questions, a few trouble-shooting pointers, and two dozen photos that cover the important fundamental concepts. This book- let is a good companion to our wheeling DVDs. Booklet/16 pp. - More Info -

Item # Description Price Qty
SMB-0030   Using the English Wheel   $11.00  

Repairing Aluminum
by Kent White

Has your aluminum car, plane, boat, or motorcycle sustained some sheet metal damage? Would you like to learn to repair it yourself? This booklet contains a wealth of information to help you tackle the job: aluminum alloys, workability and weldability, and tools and techniques for straightening damaged parts. You will be surprised at what you can do, and do properly. Booklet/16 pp. - More Info -

Item # Description Price Qty
SMB-0032   Repairing Aluminum   $11.00  

Welding Stainless
by Kent White

This booklet covers Torch & TIG methods for new construction and repairs to old funky parts. Flux science, tacking methods, embrittlement avoidance, critical torch settings, filler metal guide, and passivation are all covered so you can do aircraft-style work. Originally run as an article that received great reviews, now detailed and expanded for the booklet. This information covers the 300 series austenitic alloys.
Booklet/15 pp. - More Info -

Item # Description Price Qty
SMB-0033   Welding Stainless   $9.50  

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