Project Consultations & Training Programs

    We offer a range of services to help you with your metalworking projects and skills. From advice and instruction, to hands-on help with complex metalworking jobs, to training experienced professional crews or presenting programs to beginning metalworking students, we can help. We offer the following:

    Project Consultations

    When you are stumped by a metalworking project (or have simply bitten off more than you can chew), Kent can help you get on track. Project consultations can take anywhere from a day or two in our shop, to several visits over two or three years at your location. Depending on your needs (and size of the project), you can either bring the project to Kent, or he can travel to your hangar or shop to instruct, troubleshoot, and assist you in dealing with metal forming problems that you (or your crew) may be experiencing. Using your tools, methods, and level of expertise he will help you problem-solve, organize job flow, and give you hands-on help if required. He can also help you tune-up or modify your equipment as needed. (He also provides on-site analysis of tools and machines for optimum effectiveness in producing sheet metal parts for one-off replacement.) The cost for project consultations is based on the number of days involved, complexity of project, and travel expenses (for off-site consultations). Project consultation clients have included Air Metal Fabricators, Helming Brothers, Kampel Enterprises, Schroeder Art, and many others.

    On-site Trainings

    Do you have a crew that needs to increase their efficiency or improve their metal working, welding, or forming machine skills? Kent can design a specific teaching program to suit your needs, on your equipment, with your crew, and at your site. You only need to list what tools and equipment you have and what you want to accomplish. Past programs have included instruction on the English wheel, air power hammer, power shrinker, and aluminum gas welding. Other courses have covered aircraft sheet metal fabrication and repairs; fuel tank construction and repair; autobody fabrication, repair, and restoration; and general metal behavior for parts fabrication. Kent has done corporate consultations for Columbia Helicopters, BFGoodrich, Delta Airlines, UPS in Shannon, Ireland, FedEx, Precor, and others. His Aero Metal Workshops receive FAA IA Course Credit as Refresher Training Courses . This program is best accomplished in three or four days. Cost is based on number of days, travel and expenses, and costs for shipping equipment or tools if needed.

    Private & Small Group Instruction

    Private instruction is for those individuals who have a specific metalworking skills or techniques they need to address. We frequently get metal artists or restorers who have forming or shaping issues, or who find themselves working with a new process (copper forming or aluminum brazing for instance) that is causing them problems. Some customers request private instruction because they have just purchased an Air Hammer or a Wheel for their shop, and want a day of private lessons so they can get up and running quickly. The craftsman/student comes to our home base with a clear objective or project in mind and we spend 8 to 10 hours per day together working on skills, techniques, and remedies. There are many ways to “skin a fish” and so it is with metal work, also. Kent is only available for private instruction on a limited basis. In most instances, a visit of only one or two days is adequate. Cost per day varies depending on number of students being taught (starting rate is $900. per day). On-site accommodations are available.

    Trade/Vocational Schools & Trade Shows

    TM Technologies is dedicated to passing down centuries-old metalworking skills that are rapidly disappearing while developing new and innovative tools and techniques. As part of his commitment to metalworking education, Kent presents workshops and training programs at select vocational schools and trade shows. These are usually 2-4 day programs. Kent recently presented this type of workshop at the Hutchison Institute of Technology Aviation Maintenance Facility in Fairbanks, Alaska in conjunction with the 2009 Aviation North Expo. He has also presented programs for more than 12 years at Air Venture, Oshkosh, WI. To discuss the possibility of Kent teaching a program at your facility or school, please contact us at or 530-292-3506. Cost is based on number of days, number of students, travel requirements, and expenses for shipping any needed tools and equipment to the facility.

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