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TM Tech's "HULK" 18.5" Throat

Deep Reach Air-powered Shrinker/Stretcher
Made In The USA - by TM Technologies

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SMS-4000   TM Tech's "HULK,"
18.5 inch Deep Reach Air-powered Shrinker/Stretcher

Our reasons for developing this machine came from a simple short list of requirements for a compact strong portable shrinker; one that also had a hell of a reach. We actually started at 24 inches and although the machine worked well, it was too bulky to be easily moveable. Both of the other sheet metal shaping/forming machines TM Tech has produced - the Air Power Hammer and the Benchtop Wheel - are extremely effective and very moveable, so Hulk - with an 18.5 inch reach - is as large as easily-movable would permit. Hulk is simple and effective. It took a while to get this machine just right and there were some pretty difficult months, but the final product is deeply satisfying to us, as much as any 20th Anniversary gift can be. The "Hulk" is TM’s newest forming machine. This air-powered shrinker/stretcher is for cold forming and cold working sheet metal shapes. The Hulk offers many of the most popular features of our other forming machines, including solid construction, the ability to control the number of hits per minute, the highest-quality jaw assemblies available, and an industrial-grade machine that is still easily movable (in this case if mounted on a rolling stand… it’s called the "Hulk" for a reason!) Kent’s developed this machine because he needed a strong (yet compact) shrinker with a very deep throat. Early prototypes had 24" throats, but were too bulky to be easily moved (even on wheels). It took a while, through some pretty difficult months, but the final product is elegant in its simplicity (only five moving parts!) and deeply satisfying (as much as a 20th Anniversary gift can be). This machine is very flexible in its application for aircraft, autos, motorcycles, and metal art — including sculpture, fountains, gates, and furniture.

"Hulk" is provided with a foot-operated air switch, and with each tap on this switch the machine makes one cycle . This machine may be easily converted from stretching to shrinking by simply changing jaws – no special skill or tooling is required. Pull the upper and lower “U” pins and nudge the jaw assemblies up and out of their grooves. Attention should be given to how the jaws are positioned in the machine with regards to each other. Even though the jaws may be installed with their fronts facing either way, usually the best results are obtained by installing them with the locking pins facing out, so that the shorter jaw is opposite the longer jaw. We hope that you enjoy Hulk’s features as much as we do.

Hulk, TM Tech Air-powered Shrinker/Stretcher Machine, for cold forming and cold working sheet metal shapes

Capacity - .080 mild aluminum, .060 2024 T3, .055 mild steel Throat (reach) - 18.5"

Stroke - single - or multiple at 45 per minute.

Jaw open height - 3/16" - and adjustable up to 1.5"

Machine total height - 52"

Machine total width - 12"

Machine total depth - 41"

Weight, complete - 530 lbs

Air pressure requirements - 120psi @ 3.5 cfm


* Very deep reach into the sheet metal panel.

* Easily movable, when mounted upon a rolling stand. Machine moves right to the job and saves all that walking back and forth!

* This design is simple, having just 5 moving parts.

* Machine has industrial-quality mechanical jaws and a proven commercial pressure mechanism.

* Jaws may be angled for working long curved sections.

* Jaws retract at the end of the stroke.

* Frame is fabricated steel.

Price - without jaw assembly - $10,750.00

Jaw assemblies available:

Shrink jaw assembly $1575

Stretch jaw assembly $1365

Extended-reach shrink jaw assy - $1867 (for curving channel)

Extended-reach stretch jaw assy - $1587 (for curving channel)

- Coming Soon -
- Coming Soon -
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