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Lancaster Shrinker - Stretcher
Lancaster Shrinker-Stretcher Machines

Made in USA

Item # Description Price Qty
LAN-1000   Lancaster Metal Shrinker   $181.00  
LAN-2000   Lancaster Metal Stretcher   $181.00  
LAN-1500   Lancaster Shrinker/Stretcher Combo
(1 Body, 2 Cartridges)
LAN-4000   Lancaster Shrinker/Stretcher Pair
(2 Bodies, 2 Cartridges, 2 Handles)
LAN-1100   Lancaster Shrinker   (Complete Body only – no cartridge)   $139.69  
LAN-2200   Lancaster Stretcher   (Complete Body only – no cartridge)   $139.69  

Lancaster has been the industry standard since 1939. In-the-shop or on-the-job, a Porto-metal Former, better known as a "Lancaster", makes the specialty angle you need - and it does it in minutes over the more time-consuming hand methods which result in a much lower cost per hour to you. A metal former can be used on the work bench or in a vise to make inside angles, outside angles, straight bends, even circles to a radius as small as 3 inches…use for regular production work or any job where forming metal angles is required. The bodies of these machines are made of cast iron and the jaws are made of hardened alloy steel. This combination, backed with over 70 years of tradition, makes the Lancaster a lifelong tool. Each unit weighs just over 12 lbs. and comes completely assembled. Often copied but never equaled, these Lancaster shrinker–stretchers are "Tough Enough for any shop….light enough to carry on-the-job."

Please Note: There are a lot of copies of this machine on the market. Some of these imported machines use smaller diameter pins and lower grade steel. Up until last year, it was almost impossible to tell the difference without actually taking the machine apart and seeing if the dies on the inside were stamped “CB”, which stood for Charlie Brown Tool Company. (See the History tab above) This confusion allowed other retailers to market and sell these imported machines at a premium price to unsuspecting consumers. Although at first these imported machines preformed similarly to their high quality counterpart, it was only a matter of time before the slop of these low-quality assemblies become apparent. After several customers had complained, (some of whom even purchase original Lancaster parts trying to retro-fit their imported machine in a last ditch effort to save their investment) TM Technologies contacted Lancaster and asked them to start engraving their name on the side of the machine. The Lancaster Shrinker & Stretcher is one of the most iconic tools found in a sheet metal shop and it is a shame that these imported versions are being sold at the same and sometimes an even higher price, than the high quality originals. You will notice in the image above and on the image of the Lancaster Stretcher, found under the more photos tab, that these machines are now more easily identifiable with their name proudly engraved along the bottom. If the machine you are looking at does not have this engraving – buyer beware!


C-B Tool is located in the heartland of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Along with the lush green rolling countryside and the Amish community, Lancaster has a prosperous variety of industrial concerns. One of these is C-B Tool Company.

C-B Tool began in 1939 as a jobbing machine shop and the manufacturer of a variety of automotive tools. It was started by an innovative and creative man by the name of Charlie Beard but after December 7th, 1941 the company focus changed. C-B Tool quickly became involved in the war effort. Production during the war years was 24 hours a day, 365 days a year making equipment for the ships of our Navy.

After World War II ended the company went back to its original mission of machine work and tool making. The company made all kinds of tools, including: metal shrinker and stretchers, rivet cutters, a tool designed to help position tongue and groove boards, hole punches, crimpers, cable splicing blocks, and more. All that remains today is the rivet cutters and the shrinker and stretcher tools.

One of the first tools manufactured by C-B Tool Co. turned out to be the best. It was the shrinker and stretcher metal forming tool. It was a difficult tool for Charlie to perfect, but the final 1939 version is virtually the same tool today. The tool shrinks and stretches metal for inside and outside turns. No more cutting and welding. You work the metal to the perfect angle. It is an easy to use quality built tool that continues to grow in popularity.

Charlie Beard is long gone, but his legacy of premium workmanship in his shrinker and stretcher remains intact with the third generation of family members. His metal forming tools are now sold worldwide. His invention has helped those in auto restoration, the aircraft industry, and automotive body shops for nearly 70 years. It’s a great tool that is literally ageless.
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