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Lancaster Shrinker - Stretchers

Lancaster Shrinker - Stretcher Lancaster Shrinker-Stretcher Machines

Lancaster has been the industry standard since 1939. In-the-shop or on-the-job, a Porto-metal Former, better known as a “Lancaster”, makes the specialty angle you need - and it does it in minutes over the more time-consuming hand methods which result in a much lower cost per hour to you. A metal former can be used on the work bench or in a vise to make inside angles, outside angles, straight bends, even circles - More Info -

Lancaster Metal Shrinker

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LAN-1000 $181.00

Lancaster Metal Stretcher

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LAN-2000 $181.00

Lancaster Shrinker/Stretcher Combo (1 Body, 2 Cartridges)

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LAN-1500 $270.00

Lancaster Shrinker/Stretcher Pair (2 Bodies, 2 Cartridges, 2 Handles)

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LAN-4000 $345.00

Lancaster Shrinker (Complete Body only - no cartridge)

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LAN-1100 $139.69

Lancaster Stretcher (Complete Body only - no cartridge)

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LAN-2200 $139.69

Modified Lancaster Jaws Modified Jaws

We have modified the shrinking and stretching jaws for the Lancaster to leave only sandpaper-like marks. No more deep lines! Brand new jaws are stippled with a carbide welding process to leave marks that nearly equal 180 grit sandpaper grains, eliminating stress risers and potential cracks from your nice parts. In this photo, our new jaws are on the top and the standard jaws are on the bottom. - More Info -

Stipple-Finish Jaws - Shrinking

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HTS-0242 $88.00

Stipple-Finish Jaws - Stretching

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HTS-0243 $88.00

Shrinking Magic Shrinking Magic

Use, tune up, and modification to the Lancaster shrinking machines are demonstrated in depth in the first part, and then the use of form blocks is covered in detail, handworking inside and outside curved flanges on various sheets such as aluminum, stainless, copper, magnesium, and titanium. A short section on shrinking a large dent out of a flat steel sheet is also included. - More Info -

Shrinking Magic

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TMV-0004-D $40.00

7 Day Rental - DVD

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TMV-0004-R $9.40

Lancaster Power Assist Power Assist

This power assist is specificialy designed to work with the Lancaster Shrinker & Stretcher models. The pneumatic cylinder uses a quick release pin to quickly switch between operations of shrinking or stretching allowing you to keep both hands on the part while you are working. - More Info -

Power Assist Kit - No Bodies

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MTB-560-NB $395.00

Power Assist Kit Complete

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MTB-560 $675.00

Lancaster Replacement Parts Replacement Parts

The Lancaster shrinker – stretcher has remained almost unchanged since 1939. All of the parts you will find listed on our site will fit all of the original Lancaster machines. However if you are trying to modify or improve one of the imported copies of this machine there is no guarantee these parts will fit. Full break downs of both Shrinker & Stretcher cartridges as well as the body are shown. - More Info -

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