Power Shrinking Dies

Shrinking Dies , Saddle Dies , Hammer Dies

Read Articles by The Tinman , showing how to use these products. Also learn very practical techniques for welding, brazing, aluminum repair, and much more.

Shrink Fast and Deep! These will completely change the way you make panels and skins. These dies are featured in our videos: " An American's View of the English Wheel " and " Shaping Aluminum Wheel Pants ."

The real magic of Yoder, Pettingell, Whiting, and Quickwork power hammers are the shrinking dies, according to many "hammers" Kent has spoken with and worked with.

But why buy and install a persnickety power hammer costing many thousands when other sheetmetal forming machines are cheaper and easier to use?

Aha! Our shrinking dies have been precisely made to fit the common electric reciprocating machines (with .100" stroke)—Pull-Max, Baker Tru-Edge, Lenox, Metl Mastr, Wales, Seecrest, Savage, Campbell, Gairu, Vibro-Shear, and Ta Ming.

5 pc shrinking die set for Pullmax (Electric Recip Machines)

Set includes posts fit to your machine. Post length and thickness must be specified to .001".
Posts made for Erco, Pioneer, Pullmax, Savage, etc....


1. Four Piece Set for Steel Only

2. Five Piece Set for Steel and soft metals

More dies coming for this system. Call or e-mail for information

Shrinks up to 16 gauge cold rolled steel, 18 gauge soft stainless & .063 aluminum. For electric reciprocal power hammers, (Pullmax, etc)


Die posts for electric recip machines.

Made to fit your machine. You must provide accurate dimensions to .001"
Made from mild steel, and fit our Saddle Dies and Shrinking Dies.




These dies are designed for making reverse compounds ("saddles" and "ducktails"). They work fast and efficiently. Made from mild steel. (Dieposts NOT INCLUDED in this price)"




These 2 1/2" dia. hammer dies are hardened to Rc 54 with posts fit to your machine. (Please provide post dimensions accurate to .001".)
6pc. set includes 2 flat dies and 4 different contours up to a high crown. 

Use any combination of these as upper and lower hammers,  to enable many shapes.