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Power Hammer Shrinking Die Set - Hard Metals
3-Piece Shrinking Set - Hard Metals

Made in USA - Exclusively by TM Technologies

Item # Description Price Qty
SMS-0140   3-Piece Shrinking Set - Hard Metals   $317.00  

Yes, our Air Power Hammers really do shrink with these dies. And they do a fine job... even shrinking in the middle of a panel, once you master the technique (learn how on our Air Hammer Operations DVD). Many shops are using our dies. I have spent much time over the past few years working on these (and other) die sets. Please understand that I will only sell something that works well. Not only well for me, but for my students. If they can do it without my help, then I know it will work for you.

For shrinking harder metals, such as cold-rolled steel, 5052 1/2 hard, 6061 T3, and soft stainless. Up to .040" with medium air unit, .050 with heavy unit, and .063 with very heavy unit. Note: These ratings are not absolute, but are based on true results with the benchtop model, and using Kent's skill. Your results may vary, depending on air pressure, type of metal, and skill level.

Max Capacities - 12 gauge mild steel

About our Dies
We designed these dies based on 20 years of experience with our TM Air Power Hammer. We make these dies ourselves from high quality steel which is precision machined, hardened properly, tempered, and in some cases precision ground, for a perfect face or contact area. These are not cheap “make-do” tools. Our staff of engineers and metallurgists have many years of experience in industrial design and manufacturing. When you buy our parts you are getting U.S. industry-standard quality. Every item we sell is tested in our shop, not on the customer. What you receive from us is tried-and-true. Guaranteed!

This video shows how our Shrinking Dies work.

Hi – Res
Low – Res

These videos demonstrate how quickly you can remove a flared and/or flanged edge. The panels shown have a reverse curve that was created with the Large Reverse Die Set, that then had a flange created on its edge of the flare with the Flanger Die. Both demonstrations below use the medium air unit.

20 Gauge Steel using the Shrinking Set for Hard Metals:

Hi – Res
Low – Res

1100, .050, Aluminum using the Shrinking Set for Soft Metals:

Hi – Res
Low – Res

Continuing with the sheet of 20 gauge steel and Medium Air Unit, here a high crown in the center of the panel is shrunk down flat.

Hi – Res
Low – Res

Here 1/8 inch, 3003, aluminum is worked using the Shrinking Die Set for Soft Metals and the Extra Very Heavy Air Unit. Notice how smoothly the metal moves as it is worked and how the shrink that is made is worked back into the panel. This gives you full control to work anywhere on the panel which is just not possible when you are using “Thumbnail” style dies.

Hi – Res
Low – Res

The videos below show 18, 16, and then 14 gauge steel all of which are worked with the Shrinking Die Sets for Hard Metals. The 18 gauge steel is shrunk using the Heavy Air Unit while the 16 and 14 Gauge are shrunk using the Very Heavy Air Unit. Please note that the air units chosen for each operation work the metal very controllable, if faster results are desired then upgrading to next heavier air unit to perform the same shrinking operation is an option. So for example, on the 14 gauge steel, the user could use the Extra Very Heavy Air Unit in place of the Very Heavy Air Unit that is shown here.

18 Gauge Steel:

Hi – Res
Low – Res

16 Gauge Steel:

Hi – Res
Low – Res
14 Gauge Steel:

Hi – Res
Low – Res

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