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Metal Related Links: is a community of people involved in shaping metal. There are articles, discussion groups, faqs and more.

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I got this from a motorcycle builder who wants to build an airhammer for his SF apt. They have a lot of information on soundproofing, and from stuff I've heard back from my lists I'm not the only one who has to deal with noise generation issues in an urban environment.

This link shows some fascinating alambique distillation apparati made of copper. Inspiring shapes. Kent

This automotive restoration website may give you the dizzies, but it is interesting. This is the type of work we did at Harrah's years ago, and also the type of work my restoration company itself has done over the years, and also in concert with other shops. Kent

Meier Tool & Engineering - Metal Stamping & Metal Forming Company Meier Tool & Engineering is a precision custom metal stamping and forming company. Capabilities range from design and tooling expertise to rapid prototyping and high-speed production.

Steve Belden
Ettienne l'Armurier
The Hammered Wombat
Quality Medieval & Renaissance Armour Since 1989
3705 Arctic Blvd #2882
Anchorage, Alaska, USA 99503
(907) 274-3690

Guy Lautard
Machinists, Clockbuilders, Gunsmiths

Ken Webber has an excellent shop and really knows what he is doing. Sheetmetal, tubing, chassis, and engine building are all standard ops in his shop.I recommend him with high marks. - Kent

See his shop, and what he recommends

Coachbuilding Resource

Swedish guy loves custom cars where "everything fun is banned by Swedish government". Great sense of humor.

Kent's interesting (non-metal related) links:
For truly joyful instrumental folk music that inspires one's spirit, these two guys are among the best.
If you spend time in prayer or meditation, sitting comfortably with a straight spine is essential, as it brings both peace and clarity more easily.

Triumph Bobber
Lowbrow Customs strives to gather the best in hard-to-find motorcycle parts, helmets, apparel, DVDs and magazines in one place for the home-built motorcycle, hot rod and van enthusiast.

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