METALSHAPING: The Lost Sheet Metal Machines by Timothy Barton

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METALSHAPING: The Lost Sheet Metal Machines by Timothy Barton

by Timothy Barton.
Softbound, 200+pp.

Metalshaping | Book 1 - by Timothy Barton

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Metalshaping | Book 2 - by Timothy Barton

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Metalshaping | Book 3 - by Timothy Barton

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Metalshaping | Book 4 - by Timothy Barton

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Metalshaping | Book 5 - by Timothy Barton

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Metalshaping | Book 6 - by Timothy Barton

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Metalshaping | Book 7 - by William Longyard

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We are pleased to present this series of sheet metal shaping books. Tim Barton, metal historian extraordinaire, has compiled the most mind-boggling assortment of metal shaping tools, equipment, and their history. Years of meticulous research and extensive interviewing have gone into this collection. This unique series contains almost every common and obscure metal working machine (and its variations) ever created for sheet metal forming and shaping. If you are seriously interested in an encyclopedic reference to metalworking machines, this is THE library for you.

Metalshaping - Volumes 1 & 2 The secrets of shaping sheet metal are revealed, from the first car to current day and beyond. A four-year effort with over 500 contributors from around the world. Research includes the first patents, the first ads, and a breakdown of machinery models. Mind-blowing introduction to suppressed technology and to future-tech. Loads of photo instruction with full contact lists.

Book #1 Two chapters reveal the full history of automatic power hammers with original materials not seen in years. Two chapters show step-by-step body-making instructions in photos. One chapter covers “All about Louvers” and shows making louvers in detail. New discoveries in metal resurfacing are detailed in depth. Included is a history of why the technology was suppressed. One chapter shows inner and outer work on a Coach- built Ferrari.

Book #2 Three chapters cover the in-depth history of English Wheels with original patents and ads. Two chapters cover “Fender Smoothers,” which evolved into pneumatic planishers and bulls-eye picks, and how WWII changed their development. One chapter covers secretive “Crowning Machines,” which most readers have never heard of. An Auburn boat-tail body section is made from scratch.

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