Aero Braze Flux Core for Aluminum

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Aero Braze - Flux Core

For Aluminum

Aero Braze Flux Core Rod

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ABS-0229 $47.00

With this flux core rod, you may join many types of fittings to tanks using traditional aircraft technology. This oxy-acetylene torch process is a proven method and has been used for over 60 years in American aircraft production. These products are the finest in the industry today, and Kent regularly uses them in his shop on expensive aircraft. Our flux-cored products have non-corrosive flux.

comes in 1/2 lb. bundle, 18" long..

Advertised Melting:
Solidus: 1170 °F
Liquidus: 1180 °F
(Kent finds his own results to be: Solidus: 1150 °F Liquidus: 1160 °F)

(Can do 6061 very well - See Reviews)

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Brazed fittings on an original Airplane tank
Brazed fittings on Airplane tank
Brazed fitting on an Airplane tank
Brazed fitting
Joining copper to aluminum
Brazing Aluminum
Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks, I received your flux core rod and absolutely love it. I fixed the 300SL hood with no problems and the customer is ecstatic over the quality of the repair. This car is one of 28 made that is 100% aluminum so I am told and it is nice to see the car getting done correctly unlike the last repairs made. I will definitely be reordering some more of that rod and also wanted to say the meco torch I just bought from you was a big help in this project. It is so nice to have a quality store like yours to go to for stuff like this."

Donnie W.

"I got my product today. I quickly got some of the fluxed aluminum brazing rod and applied it to some 3" 6061 aluminum telescope tubing. I am impressed. A mapgas torch and a (very) little skill indicated to me that this is the product I was looking for. Flows right on time, every time. ASTM testing (me and a wild hammer) proves the integrity of the joint as far as I can take it. Thank you."

Mike T

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