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Flow Forming Tool Set

Are you tired of hammering your flanges over or knocking them down flat? Hammering metal over a forming block or hemming an edge over can be both time-consuming and wear out your arm. Why not use a power tool instead? This little system is very handy and doesn’t beat up the metal. You’ll be very surprised to see how smoothly the metal shapes and how fast you can make parts when you’re using the right tool.- More Info -

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Flow Forming Tool Set


Rivet Guns

We offer three rivet guns that can be used for Flow-Forming in addition to riveting. Each gun comes equipped with the accessories needed to use the gun with our long and short tools. We've used a lot of pneumatic hand tools over the decades, and a few types remain at the top of the list. Flow Forming requires a comfortable rivet gun that not only durable, but more importantly is easy to hang onto and control. We prefer and sell Taylor Pneumatic 4x and 5x guns, as well as rebuilt Cleco E5 guns for Flow-Forming. - More Info -

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Taylor 4x Rivet Gun
w/ standard handle


Cleco 4x Rivet Gun (rebuilt)
w/ Aluminum Gooseneck handle


Taylor 5x Rivet Gun
w/ Iron Gooseneck handle



We currently offer six different inserts for our Flow-Forming system. All easily change out of our tools and vary in hardness for working different metal alloys and thicknesses. (#1 is the softest, up to the #6, the hardest. These inserts will work from .016 soft & half-hard aluminum or copper, up to .040 mild steel and .032 stainless. - More Info -

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#1 Cream Insert


#2 Orange Insert


#3 Red Insert


#4 Blue Insert


#5 Black Insert


#6 Light Metal Insert


Customizable Insert



These tools fit into standard rivet guns which have .401 shanks. You have your choice of two tools, one long and one short. Inserts are not included. - More Info -

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Flow Forming Long Tool


Flow Forming Short Tool


.401 to .498 size Shank Adapter

These precisely-machined and hardened sleeves are designed for using small shank .401” tools in the larger bore .498” rivet guns. Simply slip over the tool shank and insert in the gun. Hardened sleeve lasts for years of shop use. The adapters are recommended for use with the 5x rivet guns.

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.401 to .498 size Shank Adapter


¼″ Air Hose Swivel

This handy Air Hose Swivel rotates a full 360 degrees in two places so you aren’t fighting with your hose, and allows you to keep your air hose straight regardless of how you are holding the tool. Helps eliminate kinking and twisted air hoses, and gives you improved flexibility between the hose and air tool. Standard ¼” NPT input and output. Threads connect to most hose fittings, and fit all of our Aircraft Drills and Rivet Guns, including those used with our Flow-Forming tools and kits.

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Regulated Hose Swivel - 1/4" NPT