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Hail Dent Repair Kit


Hail Dent Repair Kit

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HTS-2000 $97.00

Hail Dent Repair Kit - Goblet Dolly, Inserts & DVD Ever wish you had an easy way to get those annoying dents and dings out of our your auto, aircraft, motorcycle, or boat without getting tangled up in a complicated repair or worrying about having to repaint an entire panel?

Here's a nifty little gizmo we created, just to solve that problem (the handy companion DVD offers pointers).

INTRODUCING - Another Proven TM Design!! The new "Goblet" Dolly (look at the shape of it)

Kent HAD to make up a special multi-use dolly for tight places, rather than doing the same-old, and welding another knob on the end of another shank... He wanted a dolly that would get into tight places but still be able to offer the weight needed for straightening, smoothing and planishing.
Most important, he wanted a variable function that he could hang onto with either his whole hand or with just a pair of his extended fingers. He wanted the weight to vary enough to work different metals. This is what months of experimentation yielded: The Goblet Dolly. Made of turned steel, the dolly is constructed of three separate pieces joined by threaded studs. Simply by unscrewing and re-screwing the three parts you can have three, or four, or five different configurations, having different weights, shapes, and sizes. Even the base of the goblet is turned with a low crown so it can be used as a dolly surface by itself, or with the stem attached to it, or with the whole goblet assembled and inverted. Constantly working a lot of fuel tanks, airplane wingtips, and brass lamps provided this necessity - and then the solution - and isn't this the "Mother of invention?" You MUST see the DVD !! > Three Piece Design, holds different turned inserts for doing hand work, or use our Special polymer Insert for removing dings in polished 2024 and 5052. (Watch the DVD!)

*Adjustable - to squeeze into those cramped tight places *Comfortable - to stay in your palm, or to be held accurately between your fingers, IN those tight cramped places. *Balanced - to stay in your grasp, finishing your work. *Weight - changes with configuration: heavy to medium, to lighter. Completely assembled, with no insert installed, weight = 24oz. Made of turned steel, in America, and powder coated in colors. (current color is turquoise) Price: $77 each

Our special high impact polymer inserts = $32 each

Complete Kit: Goblet Dolly, One polymer insert, One steel insert, and the DVD - $137. (DVD is free)
(Note: you will need a striking tool, such as a hammer, slapper or spoon to get the dolly to lift out the dents.)

More Photos Coming Soon!
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