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Stick-on Magnifying Lenses (pair)

Stick-on Magnifying Lenses (pair)

Item # Description Price Qty

Magnifying Lens +1.25 Diopter


Magnifying Lens +1.50 Diopter


Magnifying Lens +1.75 Diopter


Magnifying Lens +2.00 Diopter


Magnifying Lens +2.50 Diopter


Magnifying Lens +3.00 Diopter


Finally! An easy way to make your welding or safety eyewear magnify like your reading glasses without fuss and expense. These thin, flexible plastic lenses are available in a range of diopters and simply stick onto the inside of your present eyewear. They're patented, lightweight and effective. Available in the following diopters: +1.25, +1.5, +1.75, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0 - Best if used with TM 2000 Spectacles

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