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Meco N-Midget Torch

Kent can't imagine a working shop without this great little torch. Back in 1970, his first torch was a Victor J-100, a nice size for iron workers, but Kent's talent was for thin sheet, tubing, and more precise work. In 1971 he bought himself a Victor J-40, (See Kent's Torch Collection) designed back in the 1930's. In 1995 he bought the Meco Midget (6 oz.) it's small, compact and has a comfortable feel in the hand that make long hours of body contortion, welding up, down, and inside cramped spaces easier to handle. - More Info -

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Meco Midget Torch Body - No Tips


Meco Midget Ball Swivel

NEW! For some "fixed torch" operations there is a need to swivel and lock the torch tip, so we have come up with a special "Ball Swivel" for the Meco Midget. Precision-machined of brass, this nifty accessory screws onto the "neck" of the Meco, with any of the Meco tips then screwing onto the Swivel.

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Meco Midget Ball Swivel


Meco Fish Wrench

The Meco Fish is a wrench set and tip holder unit for the Meco N Midget. Weighs 8 oz. when full (6tips), is 6.9 in. long, 1.25 wide and 3/8" thick. Made of machined aircraft billet aluminum anodized in a gold finish. Tips mount on threaded bosses damped by o-rings. Wrench sizes include tip wrench, and both hose end fitting sizes for "A" and "B" fittings . Very well designed, compact, and so functional no one should be caught without it. Handy lanyard could be carabinered to belt.

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Meco Fish Wrench Large


Meco Long Necks

For the large fire-breathin' tips, we offer a way to keep your hand from getting cooked. Kent has found that for tips size #4 and up, he needs to get back from the flame, so we make these "long necks" just for that purpose. The image compares both the standard 4-inch neck that comes on the Meco to the longer 7-inch and 10-inch upgrades. We have done over ¼-inch plate steel with the 10-inch long neck.

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7-inch Meco Long Neck


10-inch Meco Long Neck


Rosebud Tip for Propane

We now offer an oxy-propane heating tip for the Meco Midget. Traditionally called the "rosebud" our specially-made brass tip has 7 holes in a stainless insert, and will rapidly heat 1/8" and thicker steel. Kent was amazed at the amount of heat this tip produced.

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Rosebud Tip for Propane


N-Series Tips for Acetylene

Note: Kent uses #00 and #0 for jewelry, and thicknesses less than .020. The #1 for 20 ga steel and .040 aluminum. The #2 for 18 ga steel, and .050 aluminum, and so on. The #4 tip can make your hand HOT, so Kent either hangs on to the torch body with visegrips, or gets the Long Neck. See our Welding Tip chart

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Meco Tip - N-00


Meco Tip - N-0


Meco Tip - N-1


Meco Tip - N-2


Meco Tip - N-3


Meco Tip - N-4


Meco Tip - N-5


Meco Tip - N-6


Meco Tip - N-7


Complete Set (N-00 to N7)


Meco L-Series Tips for Acetylene

We are offering these L series tips for their sharper cone shape. When you need a sharp flame, in sizes 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 these tips are the answer. Blunt flame shapes are available with the N series. Brazing is one application that needs a sharp flame.
Note: The #1 for 20 ga steel and .040 aluminum. The #2 for 18 ga steel, and .050 aluminum, and so on. The #4 tip can make your hand HOT, so Kent either hangs on to the torch body with visegrips, or gets the Long Neck.

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Meco Tip - L-1


Meco Tip - L-2


Meco Tip - L-3


Meco Tip - L-4


Meco Tip - L-5


Meco Tip - L-6


Meco Tip - L-7


Complete Set (L-1 to L-7)


OX-Series Tips for Propane & Natual Gas

These special Meco tips are made specifically for the "alternate gases," and are very hot. Note the "ring of fire" that keeps combustion stable when welding jittery puddles like steel.

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Meco Tip - OX-00


Meco Tip - OX-0


Meco Tip - OX-1


Meco Tip - OX-2


Meco Tip - OX-3


Meco Tip - OX-4


Meco Tip - OX-5