Gear Leg Fairings for a Waco Standard Cabin
Work done on the TM Air Power Hammer

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Top photo: These are gear leg fairings for a Waco Standard Cabin. They are made from .050, 3003 aluminum. The original dented one is on the right, and the new copy made from it is on the left. The TM Air Power Hammer roughed in the shape, then shrank and planished the new part to a perfect fit in just a few hours. The body and paint man said, "Wow, no bondo. Just sand, prime, sand and paint." Yes, exactly.

Left photo: Old part on the left, with the new one is on the right. The finish you see is straight off the hammer, no sanding or filing.

Bottom photos: Gear leg fairings on a Waco Custom Cabin, 2 door. All roughing, planishing, and fitting was done with the TM Straight-Post Air Hammer. The lower fairings were filmed during their construction (along with several others) for our instructional DVD Those Doggoned Reverses.