Making a Copper Bowl
Work done on the TM Air Power Hammer

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Below are the steps I used for making this copper bowl on the Air Power Hammer.

The soft copper is .062" thick, with no annealing during the process.
Blank started at 14" dia. and ended at 12" dia. X 4.25" deep.

Time elapsed: 22 minutes.

Step One: Roughing
Rough out the soft blank copper disc, using Air Power Hammer and roughing head.
(Sombrero Finnish-Latin bio name available).

Step Two: Shrink Edges
Shrink edge with Hammer and shrinking dies.
Make ruffle.
Shrink ruffle.
Shrink edge heavily.

Step Three: Shrink into panel
Chase heavy shrink back into panel.
Note quality of surface.

Step Four: Planish
Planish either leaving hammer spots (preferred for this application)
or without (simple die change).

The bowl can then be annealed (just for stretching) and roughed through
again for a deeper shape.

Shrinking the edge may continue for a long time more before hardness
sets in. And the edge thickness? Up from .062″ to .070″.

Yep, seems pretty well shrunk to me, too.  – Kent