Making a Copper Flower
Work done on the TM Air Power Hammer

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This .035 inch copper flower was done in LESS THAN ONE HOUR with a TM Straight-Post Air Hammer, by a student! He said it would have taken him about four hours if he’d done it by hand, plus another four hours to re-energize his hand and arm!

Seriously, he never would have attempted this aggressive shape without the power of this hammer! And look at these embossed petals, done on the same machine.

Well, this craftsman is serious about his craft, and the only complaint he had was that he still had to make a gate on contract the “old” way — and he was not looking forward to it, because it is now so boring and “flat” in comparison to this project. (See photo of “verdigris” (patinated) flower for comparison of his previous flatter pieces next to the new parts.)