Meco Torch Checklist

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Meco Torch Checklist

Not flowing steadily – clicks, surges, oscillates.

  1. Have all fittings been leak tested under operating pressure using a spray bottle filled with 2 Tbsp. dish soap in 1 cup water? Regs to bottles, hose to regs, torch to hose, etc., etc.  If leaks persist, then remove fittings and inspect mating surfaces under strong light with magnification. Embedded dirt or scuffs may need to be polished off with maroon scrub pad.
  2. Are packing nuts relatively snug on the torch valves? Loose nuts not okay.
  3. Are both oxy-fuel bottles more than 25% full? – near empty bottles raise flow issues.
  4. Lastly, if all is fine, then torch may have a clog from dirt in the line when changing components. Remove tip and blow out. Remove neck and blow out. Remove packing nuts and valves and inner springs. Remove hoses. Blow out each side into a clean shop towel. Reassemble and test.

Last resort, when all else is tested and problem persists – send torch back to TM Tech.

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