Setting the Meco Torch

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Setting Your Meco Torch

I know that setting a torch properly may be difficult with all the pressure requirements and tip sizes, thicknesses and different metals, but here is the standard method used in the American Aircraft Factories for oxy-acetylene welding of aluminum sheet.

Select torch tip size for the metal thickness you are working with.

Bottles are closed. Regulators are closed - with the screws wound out. Torch is open and ready to flow, 3 to 4 turns on both knobs.

Open oxy bottle first...all the way until the upper packing seats. Now, just crack the acetylene bottle until gauge goes up, then add 1/4 turn. Hold torch an inch from your cheek and wind in the acetylene regulator screw until a little breeze is felt on your cheek. Now light the torch - AWAY from your cheek please.

You should now have a bushy yellow flame that emits NO sooty trails. Add oxygen with regulator screw until flame is balanced neutral, then add both gasses until your flame is loud, and neutral.

You now have the best wide-open flame setting for the tip you have chosen.

NOW you can adjust the torch down to the flame you need for the work. The pressures are also correct for that tip size - and you never needed to see the gauges except for the acetylene bottle on startup.

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