Making Curved Copper Flashings Part 3

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Guess what… the owner liked the copper arches:

I am quite pleased with the arches. I can see the amount of labor that went into this after examining the pieces carefully. It wasn't exactly easy I am sure.
The arches fit so damn nicely I imagined that you snuck out here and measured with a micrometer!!!

I mean there was a perfect snug almost mechanical, coplanar fit... it could NOT have been any better. Very the picture shown above, you can see the arches.

The picture shown to the right shows how snugly the final leg fits to the window... this is the part everyone will see!

p.s. I also appreciated how coplanar and flat the wide flange was... one appreciates not only the technique but the fact that there is some care for detail in this world.

p.p.s. You're right. I could not find evidence of the solder joint on the front of the big arch!

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