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Fitting Welding Planishing Finishing Workshop Kent White

Fitting, Welding, Planishing, & Finishing Workshop

While our 4-Day Metalworking Intensive focuses primarily on metal shaping, this workshop is for those who wish to dive more deeply into the postshaping issues of fitting, trimming, joining, weld smoothing, planishing, and final fit. The course will take you through each step required to construct a large panel with a great fit and finish. For this course you will need to bring several small panels (five or six,) that fit at least 60-75%, and that you will join together for your complete final panel or part. Lots of enthusiasm is seen and felt during this course.

Day 1 – Fitting

We begin by analyzing each student’s panels to determine the best way to proceed for their specific project. Over the course of the day we will be trimming, fitting, trimming again, and checking edge fits. The goal is to have two or three panels that fit 80-85% by the end of the day, and then be able to determine the "master" panel.

Day 2 – Joining

Once we have identified the secondary panel, the student will tack weld, adjust, and then weld it to his/her master panel. Various TIG and Torch tacking methods, fusion, "Scot-welds," and autogenous welds will be demonstrated and practiced. Filler rod diameter and alloys are discussed, and weld beads are leveled. Distortion and weld shrinkage solutions will also be explored.

Day 3 – Planishing

After the remaining panels are fitted, trimmed, and welded, we will practice planishing the tack welds and doing final welds. Finished welds will be worked to remedy waves, lumps, and poor fits. Since hems, flares, and wired edges are frequently added to panels, planishing and metal finishing are very important techniques to master and will be demonstrated in detail and then practiced.

Day 4 – Metal finishing

Filing and sanding methods are shown, discussed, and practiced, bringing the work to its final quality level, and finished work to completion.

Cost: $1,595. Price includes all materials, supplies, plus breakfast and lunch.

Pre-req: We recommend either Metalworking Fundamentals, or TM 4-Day Metalworking Intensive, or a few years of metalworking experience and general knowledge of the metal shop environment (common hand tools, measuring, marking, cutting metal, etc.).

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