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Gas Welding Aluminum & Steel Workshop

In many cases, welding thin sheet metal is more appropriately done with the oxy-acetylene torch. It’s cheaper and faster, and often has less distortion. This hands-on course begins with learning to safely set up bottles, regulators, and torch, with leak testing. The first day introduces welding mild steel sheet in 18-gauge and 20-gauge thicknesses. For advanced students, tube joints will be available, along with some 4130 chromoly alloy. We also cover filler metals, joint designs, tip selection, and torch options.

The second day covers welding 3003 aluminum alloy with flange welds in .050” thickness, with butt joints available later for the more advanced welders. We’ll also discuss 5052 and 6061 and demonstrate aluminum brazing and soldering, along with their proper applications. We cover cleanliness, regulator pressure settings, tip choices, flux choices, and proper flux mixing, along with clean-up for primer and paint coats. Also included are distortion remedies and planishing to a polished finish.

Kent White, your instructor, will guide your hands and minds to help you get a feel for welding with the humble torch. Some interesting demos may be incorporated, including welding with the cutting torch, and writing your name in the air.

Pre-requisite: Sincere interest in metalworking / torch welding.

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