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Metalworking Solutions Workshop Kent White

Metalworking Solutions Workshop
Ongoing training for 4-Day Intensive graduates

Would you like ongoing metalworking training and support beyond our 4-Day Intensive? Graduates can now attend our new Metalworking Solutions Weekends. These open workshops are designed to give you more direct support for the specific areas in which you need to further your skills. You will need to bring a project (or have one in mind), and Kent will guide you through learning the processes you need to get your skill-set to the next level.

Course content for these weekends will vary based on the projects each group of participants brings, and what specific metalworking tasks each participant wishes to focus on. Each attendee will receive a questionnaire about their project, as well as topics or issues they would like to go over with Kent individually or with the group.

More advanced or specialized topics may be covered in these weekends that aren’t covered in the 4-Day Intensive including: damage repair, making louvers, tank construction, restoration challenges, rust repair and patch panels, patterns and bucks, advanced metal shaping techniques, and troubleshooting project stumbling blocks. The weekends may also include some demonstrations or lecture time, but will primarily be hands-on instruction. The course may be repeated multiple times as the information covered will differ with each group.

Cost: $1,595 (Includes light breakfast, full lunch, materials & supplies)

Pre-req: TM 4-Day Metalworking Intensive. If you have attended one of our other metalshaping courses such as Metalworking Fundamentals, Shaping Aluminum, Using Forming Machines, Making Parts, etc. and would like to attend this course, please give us a call so we determine if this course is a good fit for your skill-set.

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