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Metal Art Sculpture Workshop Kent White George Schroeder

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Metalworking for Metal Artists & Sculptors

This 3-day course is designed to help metal artists and sculptors hone their hands-on metalworking skills. This course is not intended to teach the design methods or conceptual aspects of sculpture, rather it is designed to teach you highly specialized metalworking techniques that artists are often not exposed to in traditional academic classes in art and sculpture classes

Course content will include: creative problem-solving, pattern work, bucks, layout, cutting procedure, joining methods, welding, forming and shaping, and finishing.  The daily course structure may vary slightly depending upon the skill level and specific interests of course attendees.

We will discuss and practice various metal shaping techniques for aluminum, copper, mild steel, and stainless, along with discussions of the relationship between materials and their visual and physical impact (looking at chosen materials for their weight, thickness, color, weather resistance, and so on).

Hands-on projects will incorporate various techniques to both shape and alter these metals (e.g. cut, bend, anneal, compress, stretch, shrink, etc.). In addition, we’ll discuss methods for joining metals in detail, such as: oxy-acetylene welding (aluminum and steel), brazing, soldering, and riveting. 

Demonstrations and class assignments will focus primarily on sheet metal forming, and using hand tools (hammers, dollies, metal and wood slappers, mallets, etc.) in conjunction with very specialized sheet metal forming machines (Air Power Hammers, hand-held rivet guns, flow-forming tools, and air-powered metal shrinking and stretching machines). We’ll also cover in detail the application of proper tools and techniques for a variety of metal working methods and/or solutions. The class will include a segment on metal finishing, including the use of files, sanders, planishers, polishers, patinas, and more.

Bringing a project is encouraged! If you have a project you’d like to bring to the class, please indicate this on your Questionnaire prior to the course to determine that your project will be an appropriate fit for the course content. We also recommend you bring your own protective eyewear, ear protection, and a couple of favorite hand tools that you frequently use. If you own Kevlar gloves and/or TM2000 Welding Lenses and headgear, please bring these with you.

This course is taught by TM Technologies founder Kent White, and hosted and co-taught by George Schroeder, owner and principal of Metalmorphosis Studios in San Antonio.  George will present a slideshow of some his major works, with discussion of the methods and techniques involved in producing his sculptures. You can see more of George’s amazing metalwork at

Cost:  $1,300. (Includes materials and supplies). Meals are on your own, except for lunch, when we normally all pitch in a few bucks and have some excellent local cooking delivered to the shop.

Pre-req: Highly recommended is our 4-day Metalworking Intensive or some basic college or vocational metal art courses (or equivalent real-world ‘school of hard-knocks’ metalworking experience). If you are unsure if your skill level matches the course, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

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