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All the welding supply houses in my area want to sell me brazing fluxes and I found your products while surfing the web. If you could e-mail respond I will promptly order by mail.  I have enjoyed your presentations at Oshkosh.

The Tin Man Respondeth:

Yes, most Welding supply houses are now owned by large chains, and they stock for the large markets.
Unfortunately the knowledge that goes with the technical products is not commonly available, so there is confusion between brazing, welding, and soldering, and between the fluxes and fillers for each.
It is best to purchase from a knowledgeable and reliable source in any case, because good expertise is what you will need to sustain you in your projects. We carry aluminum soldering kits, brazing kits, and gas welding supplies, and can recommend a wide variety of materials for joining mostly anything to partially everything, or just about.

Kent White

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