Soldering Aluminum Foil

Kent, I would like to solder Al foil (Ordinary Al foil you find at the supermarket) for perfect electrical and mechanical contact with an ordinary soldering iron. I cannot use high heat (flame) because the Al foil gets scorched and it disintegrates. Is there a way? Is there any special alloy combined with special flux and special heating device? Thanx in advance, Christos

The Tinman Respondeth:

Christos, "Aero Solder" for aluminum. In early June we came up with a new solder for aluminum, Aero Solder, and it flows and bonds very well and quite easily. 1100, 3003, and 6061 are perfect alloys, but stay away from 5000 series because the flux will not handle it. the flux is non-corrosive and so no cleanup is required. Beautiful smooth joints just like copper pipe are possible, and it melts at 780F. This small kit contains 2oz. of flux and 42" of solder wire. It will also join copper to aluminum. Ideal for radiator repairs because it flows or sweats all the way around behind the backside and then runs through the gap and fillets on the underside! In 30 years I have never seen such a reliable product."

For the heat source, all you need is something to get up to 775F. Propane, butane, electric, etc.