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I'm at ground zero on oxyacet. welding. I'll be doing 4130 tubing on a homebuilt this summer and want to order my stuff from you--just sent for your booklet. In general, I am trying to understand if equipment for "Aluminum Gas Welding"--which I assume refers to welding alum. sheet metal projects--is the same generally as that for tubing. Like, should I order Welding Kit #2? The cat. text refers specifically to TM2000 lenses as being OK for use welding 4130. But there is not a reference to welding 4130 in the discussion of the Mecro Midget. Thus, I'd like to know if the Mecro Midget is OK for tubing. I'll want to do sheet aluminum later I'm certain. Thanks so much.
PS: Am looking forward to announcement of your video about welding tubing.

The Tinman Respondeth:

We have found that the Meco Midget is excellent on 4130. The tape is nearly finished- May 1 is release date. The tape should cover every single aspect of airframe construction with respect to plan-work, jigs, measuring, cutting, fitting, tacking, welding, distortion, and stress-relief. The Meco figures prominently.  Our aluminum gas welding tape uses the old J40 Victor, which has been superceded by the Meco, all other info remains nearly the same. ----Kent