Meco Torch - Flame Polishing

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I have a specific need to flame polish a cellulose acetate rod about 1/8" in dia. at about 300 per minute in an automatic machine. It does not need much heat, but will require a flame using either natural gas or propane and appropriate ignition and flame control devises. If you can help with this requirement please contact us as indicated above.

The Tinman Respondeth:

Our Meco N Midget may be the ticket. It will handle Natgas and "Propain" with the special fuel tips. A special 7" tip extension, (gooseneck) is available that may be bent to your needs, also. The torch body is shaped like a little cigarette pack, which may offer convenient clamping geometry for your machine. The torch is also the most resistant to popping of all on the market today. ----Kent