Meco Torch Valve Trouble

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I have a 6 yr old Meco torch and am having trouble with the valves properly closing. I have taken it apart and cleaned the threads, etc. but it still does not close right. What do you recommend?
T. K. Silversmith

The Tinman Respondeth:

The Meco N Midget uses a "needle and seat" valve, very similar to the traditional carburetor style, except there is no Viton-tipped needle.

For leakage I check the condition of the needle, looking for dirt or scoring. If scored, I use a bit of 320 wetordry paper folded in a Vee, and held by thumb and forefinger so the abrasive is up. I then insert the conical end of the needle into the Vee and twist back and forth, looking periodically for improvement, and taking pains to abrade evenly. Remember, ideally the needle should be faced off in the lathe, but light scoring may be removed this way.

If the seat is scored, too, then it must be re-faced, either with a tool in the lathe, or with some very fine lapping compound on a hand-tool pointed as the same geometry as the needle.

If the seat simply has goo on it, then a cotton swab with Bon Ami may be used, as the cleansers do contain mild abrasives. (In fact, we old racers use Comet et al as a final touch on our valves, before going to the kerosene "leak-down" test, insuring the perfect seal.)

Thanks.  I worked on the torch today as you recommended and it shuts off fine now. It is also regulating the flame more precisely, too.
T. K.