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I'm in the market to buy a torch for welded sculpture.  At the moment, I intend to try brass, bronze, and stainless steel in addition to mild steel and I imagine that about the heaviest gauge I'll be using is about 16 gauge. Weight is of some concern because I have a moderate case of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Given all of that, would you recommend the Smith aircraft or the Mego Midget? I'd appreciate some guidance.  Thank you.

The Tinman Respondeth:

Carpal tunnel for me, means that to grasp certain objects initiates a "let go" response, after the hand cramps up.
It makes me want to hold onto easy stuff. The round-bodied torches are more difficult for me to grasp over time for the reason that there is only one "grip". The Meco offers me several "grips", so my hand doesn't cramp.