Acetylene Chemistry

I'm doing a chemistry project on acetylene and I was wondering if you had any (or could refer me to any) information about acetylene and its uses in the torch and any other information would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you.

The Tinman Respondeth:

In the US, acetylene has been produced chiefly by low pressure carbide generation, where rock carbide is placed in the hopper of the generator, and is then dropped a little at a time into the water tank, where spontaneous generation occurs.

Another method, used in the welding industry around the country today, is to fill the cylinder with an absorbtive material such as a hard sponge, or diatomaceous earth, and then fill with acetone. The primary fuel for torch welding from 1902 to the 1980's, anyway, has been acetylene. In recent years, however, propylene, Mapp, propane, and natural gas have come into increased popularity.


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