Aircraft Alloys

I am starting a project to build the various cowl and nose pieces for a 1949 J3 Cub which belongs to a friend of mine. I believe the metal is 0.025, or perhaps 0.032 (I'll know later this week).  If it makes sense I would bring the original parts along and we could discuss the project and perhaps I could work on a couple of the pieces.

My question: what alloy and hardness would you recommend? and do you have a stock of that metal or do I need to buy it down here and bring it along?  Many of the aircraft parts I have seen were made from 6061-T4, but this doesn't seem like a very good choice for hand forming work.

The Tinman Respondeth:

I would follow the factory. If no info. is available, my experience tells me the material is very similar to .025" 6061 (or 6053) T4. Hand forming? Get used to the difficult.


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