Repairing Kharman Ghia Nose


Hello, I was sent your web address by a Karmann Ghia Guru, Richard Troy. The nose on my 1968 Karmann Ghia met up with the rear of a Pontiac and the Pontiac won.  The Ghia had never been hit in the nose before, so it's virgin metal, and other than this time, has not been stretched out.  I have never attempted body work before, but in order to escape the financial demands of local body "pullers", I'm looking into doing the work myself.  A few questions; which tools would be best for the job?  What things should I try, not try the first time?  What would be the best way to tackle this job?  Any comments or info would be appreciated.

The Tinman Respondeth:

  • Strip chemically.
  • Get photos or patterns of what you are going back to, both horiz. and vertical.
  • Bump what you can with dollies, and push the heavies with a screw jack.
  • Match the contours of tool to the anticipated finished surface. Think before acting, work schmaht not so hard.
  • Do not add damage.
  • Look for the wrinkle that locks the movement- don't get a bigger hammer too quickly.
  • Reverse the wrecking energy, or- take the damage out in the reverse order that it occurred.
  • Never use rough-faced bludgeons sold as "shrinking-------"
  • If you need shrinking info- get the Shrinking Magic DVD.
  • If you need detailed info on working out the contours-get Edge Those Panels DVD
  • Work safely, think eye protection, hand protection, and ear protection.


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