How to Work Out Auto Dents with Hammer, Slapper and Dolly

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I have used the lessons from the Nov 14-15 class and beat the daylights out of everything, but I have a question.  When starting to work out a dent with hammer/slapper and dolly is it best to start from the edges and work toward the point of contact or vice versa?  I saw the procedure on that aircraft part but the full order of working points didn't sink in.  Thanks again for a great class. GP

The Tinman Respondeth:

On dents larger than a golf ball would make: bump up, then support firmly with dolly while slapping down the high area surrounding. The low will rise, the highs will fall. Dents smaller: don't bump up, just support the low firmly, while thumping the surrounding "high". The low will come up.

Both methods allow for the metal to "lever" into position, like the reverseof the denting process.


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