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Home Remedies

..if you could tell me some chemicals that can be used to remove rust. The formulas don't have to be from the products you sell, but just the general chemicals that can remove rust...

MP-7 Must for Rust

I was wondering about the MP-7 product you sell. I have a 36 Ford Coupe that I'm working on...

MP-7 Must for Rust 2

I have a motorcycle gas tank has rust on the inside of it...

Rust Remover Products for Large Projects

Restoration of a large group of commercial equipment which would require approx. 100 gallon of rust remover product.

Rust Remover for underside of a truck

Kent, would the rust remover that you sell be a good product to use on the underside of my truck?

Rust Remover safe for chromium plated surfaces

Is your rust remover safe for chromium plated surfaces with tiny pinhole rust spots?

Rust Remover/Inhibitor:

I have a 1982 Pontiac TransAm that is suffering from some rust and I need your help...

Rust Remover Products for Existing Metal Building

Would the Must For Rust , mp-7 product be fesiable in an applicatation to an existing metal building?