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I am interested in your products rust remover , please provide any information about your product. I am interested in restoration of a large group of commercial equipment which would require approx. 100 gallon of product.

The Tinman Respondeth:

" Must for Rust " or MFR as we call it, has been in the industrial sector for forty years, and is widely used for your application. It is quite simple and effective: Remove paint and scale.

Brush or spray MFR to wet lightly, and wire brush the rusty areas, wetting again, or still again for more action. When satisfied, wipe up excess, blow dry, or stand to dry, and prime. No neutralizing, no special wiping-rewashings, no special prep coats or coatings. Water cleanup. Prevents re-rust with or without any coating at all- for a year or longer. Equipment mfrs and repairers really like it.


NOTE: MP7 was bought by another company and the name has changed to
Must For Rust , or MFR as we call it. It is still great, effective, easy.

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