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Air Hammer Question

I would like to use your Air Power Hammer shrinking dies in my planishing hammer. I have a Proline Planishing Hammer, the lower dies are 13/16 where they fit into the hammer and so are the top. I know your top die is smaller but...

English Wheel Plans

I have a question concerning the blueprints for the big powerhouse 49" english wheel...

Utter Novice

What tools and instructional literature do you suggest for basic level learning? I don't want to break the bank buying Rolls Royce-quality tools when Chevrolet-quality will suffice...

Filing Aluminum

I'm having a heck of a time with my files "gumming up" with aluminum...

Tube Bending Question

I am building a Piel Emeraude, an "all wood" design. Anyway, your answer to bending 4130, in your Q/A section...

Lancaster Shrinker/Stretchers

I see you are selling shinker/stretcher for $138. How much is the extra die set and why would it drive me buggy?

Doming Dies

Never hear anybody talk about doming dies--they seem to work good...


I just saw an article in the Cessna owner magazine that featured some of your work...

Shot Bags- Lead or Steel?

When going to buy shot for the forming bags...

Shot Bags

Any specifics to look for in a leather shot bag for some REALLY basic practicing!?

Torch, Henrob:

Please send me some information on the Henrob welding torch and the cost.

Henrob 2000 Torch:

Saw this product (the Henrob 2000) demonstrated at a car show. I would like more info and the price. I really am interested in buying one.

Buy a Henrob?

Potential Henrob buyer asks: "The plans arrived last week, I am ready to start building but I haven't purchased the oxyacetylene torch yet. Big question is: "Is the *Henrob* (sp?) worth the dollars asked?...

Tool Source

I'm looking for a machine that will bend 1/4 thick X 3/4 wide flat metal into a 12 to 14' circle