Air Power Hammer shrinking dies in my planishing hammer

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Kent, I would like to use your Air Power Hammer shrinking dies in my planishing hammer. I have a Proline Planishing Hammer the lower dies are 13/16 where they fit into the hammer and so are the top. I know your top die is smaller but I thought I might make a sleeve to fit over your upper die so it would fit into my upper part of my hammer Wishful thinking or maybe? Michael

The Tinman Respondeth:

Dear Michael,
Planishing requires the lowest power of all 4 metal forming operations; flanging, rapid stretching, and shrinking. Your machine simply does not have the OOOMPH to shape the metal, as in stretching, shrinking, flanging, etc. You will need 5 times the power. You will have to toss the air mechanism and the holder and the control arm, and make other modifications too extensive to be worth the cost.

It is a fine copy of the nice pedestal-type Chicago Pneumatic planishing hammer which is well-known for many decades. Clay Cook, the maker of your unit, has tried to copy my die system for some years now, and I see him often at the shows we demo at. I think he is gradually understanding the subtle science behind radically moving the metal, and may come to fully appreciate our design. Keep your unit for smoothing the rough-shaped metal, and now you just need to find a way to power the shape into it. Good luck, Kent