Henrob 2000 Torch

Saw this product (the Henrob 2000) demonstrated at a car show. I would like more info and the price. I really am interested in buying one. Thanks.

The Tin Man Respondeth:

I own one, but seldom use it. It does have some interesting capabilities if one is doing high-end welding, which I seem to get some of.

1) The Henrob is widely sold as the only torch which welds.... and ....and...etc.
It is heavy, bulky, and expensive. Traditional torch welding methods from the 1940's enable one to nicely weld 4130, stainless, inconel, monel, magnesium, cast iron, aluminum, and...titanium, with the common old torches of the 1940's. Once you master the torch, the Henrob/Dillon might do a better job, maybe . But is it easier? Hmmmm, there is the weight, and the awkwardness, and the cost.  

2) It is also sold as being easier to learn with.

This is a good reason to get one, if it is true. By far, my students have purchased one for this reason, only to get home and be frustrated. This may not be the torch's fault, but perhaps the method of instruction, amount of practice and personal comfort with the tool.

We sell the Meco Midget, which weighs 6oz. It is the most comfortable torch I have ever used, and I would be dead in the ditch without it. I used a 1934 Victor J40 to weld circles around an old Henrob/Dillon guy a few years back, and he left in a huff, saying I sure didn't need "one of these". I called him back, smoothed his feathers, and then bought one from him for the reason given above. (I never meant to upset him at all!) 

However I will be glad to recommend a salesman for the Henrob, a Mr. Art Drdla in Chicago, of Articulate Specialized Welding.