Henrob Torch

Please send me some information on the Henrob welding torch and the  cost.

The Tin Man Respondeth:

I own one, but seldom use it. It does have some interesting capabilities if one does high-end welding, which I seem to get some of.

The Henrob is widely sold as the only torch which welds.... and ....and...etc.  However, it is heavy, bulky, and expensive. Traditional torch welding methods from the 1940's enable one to nicely weld 4130, stainless, inconel, monel, magnesium, cast iron, aluminum, and...titanium.

We sell the Meco Midget, which weighs 6oz. However I will be glad to recommend a salesman for the Henrob, a Mr. Art Drdla in Chicago, of Articulate Specialized Welding.