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I learned a bit about fabrication in college...over 20 years ago. Having used little of that knowledge, I consider myself an interested utter novice. I read the article in the March 2000 Kit Car magazine and looked through much of your site. I am designing and trying to build a small tube-framed sports car, and am now thinking about a metal body instead of fiberglass.

My main question: What tools and instructional literature do you suggest for basic level learning? I don't want to break the bank buying Rolls Royce-quality tools when Chevrolet-quality will suffice, for now...Is there anything wrong with using some of the tools available at the local auto parts stores, Grainger or Sears for this basic level (and plan to upgrade as finances and skill level allow and desired results dictate)?

The Tin Man Respondeth:

Sir, When I teach in the workshops I tell everyone that metalwork can be done with a brick and a hibachi. Handy tools are a medium shot bag, a forming stump, a mallet, a slapper, a file, snips, marking pen, a workbench and a torch. Get the tools available, some info, and start whanging away.

Your energy and enthusiasm will overcome any setbacks.


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