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Torch Fittings

What is the difference between A and B torch fittings?

Alumaloy vs. Rods and Flux

I have some 4043 aluminum rods in 1/16th and 1/8th with no flux...

Welding Aircraft Sheet

This correspondence is from Kent to Tom, the owner of a Spartan Executive which needs a cabin topskin...

Classic Car Body Work

I very much enjoy working on classic cars. Real body work, not filling voids with plastic, has always interested me...

TIG Welding .060 Stainless

We have been attempting to Tig weld .060 stainless. The material is 2 inches wide rolled into a circle, where it is butt welded. I do not want to see an ugly weld...

1961 Piper Colt

I have a 1961 Piper Colt. There are a few small cracks in the cowling that I need to repair...

Welding Bike Frame

I was hoping you could steer me in the right direction of welding a mountain bike frame of 4130...

First Welded Aircraft Fuselage

Kent, when was the first aircraft fuselage made of welded tubing?

Welding Certification

How does one become a certified welder?

The Big Question

I am interested in knowing why gas is preferred over T.I.G. when welding aluminum. I'm a T.I.G welder by trade and outside of hobby, airplane restoration, etc. I have never heard of gas welding aluminum, except in the old days...

Welding Problems

I spent most of yesterday on a Square Wave Tig, just doing practice work on 6061 stock. I was not very successful; I could get a puddle going, but it had no penetration at all; the parts would simply fall away once I un-clamped them. Or they would mix, but then crack down the seam when they cooled. Or....

Gas Welding Birmabright

Is it possible to gas weld the Birmabright, the proprietary alloy used in Land Rover bodies?

Welding Dirty Metal

I need to weld up some parts ... that's been in an engine compartment of a round motor for 56 years and impregnated with oil...

Gas Welding Stainless Pipe in the Field

I have been asked to fabricate an SS exhaust piping system for an engine test cell. (Not a header)...

Silver Braze vs. Tig Welding

Hello, Could you explain the difference in silver braze vs. Tig. welding, such as in boiler manufacture...

6-G Code Weld

Could you please describe a 6-G Code Weld?

Welding: TIG vs. Gas

What are the pros and cons of welding 4130 with tig or gas?

Aluminum Kiln Steel

The question is about aluminum kiln steel. We are curious if it welds any different...

How to Butt Weld Stainless Tube

Do you have any training material that would help me with stainless gas welding?

Copper Welding vs. Soldering

Presently I solder all my copperwork pieces but I am very interested in the welding process if possible...

Aluminum Welding Limits

I just read your article on welding aluminum with gas..... The article said it was only practicle to weld .05 inch material...

Welding Lens Safety

I've got a friend who has had both of his lens (eyes) replaced and I suspect his extensive welding was the cause...

Process for Welding Railroad Rail

What is the process for welding rail - the torch, tip sizes, fillers, pre-and postheats? Answer by special guest, Tom Koehler.

Welding Railroad Rails

More from Tom Koehler on welding railroad rails...

Stainless Torch Welding

I am working on a project using #316 (not #136L) stainless tube; 1" dia. X .035" wall, and would like to learn how to butt weld the material...

Welding: TM2000 Glasses

Tinman, ...And why are your lens prices so expensive?

Welding: Cast Iron to Mild Steel

I'm welding some mild steel shims to an old cast iron frame...

Welding- Motorcycle Frame

I have a 1930's frame for an Ariel Red Hunter motorcycle...

Welding Aluminum

Is a Victor 100 torch ok to use for welding aluminum when I buy your kit or do I need to buy the torch also?

Welding Design - Perpendicular Tubes

I have two types of joints...

Welding Design - Tool to Weld Chrome Moly and Aluminum

We are looking for the perfect tool to weld .058 chromolly and/or aluminum tubing...

4130 Welding Certification

I work for a small company that builds giant puppets for themeparks (disneyland, etc)....

TIG Welding -- Pros & Cons:

"I'm considering a Hatz as my next project, so I'm interested in melting pieces of metal together....In the Sport Aviation I received today, there was a lengthy article pushing TIG welding. What are the advantages/disadvantages..?

Welding Tip Pressure:

"I have one question about the Smith outfit. Most of the other outfits ( non Smith) I have used say to use a Acetylene and oxygen pressure of 2 to 6 psi depending on the size material and size of the tip. ..

What is the best welding flux removal technique for aluminum tanks?

I am interested in the flux, lens and booklets on aluminum welding. Regarding the flux:

Is it corrosive and required to be removed?
Aircraft 4130 Chromemoly welding:

Dr. Majic and Dr. Young recommend RG45 for welding of 4130 tubes...

Eyewear and Gas Welding:

I have been a fabricator for 20 years in aircraft, racecar tubs and structures. I Tig everything except aluminum tanks and turbo intake plenums. I have have both cobalt and Burtweld lenses.

Does 3003 weld to 6061?

My problem is I can only seem to find solid wire in 6061. how does 6061 and 3003 weld?