Does 3003 weld to 6061?

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I need to reproduce a seat. the material is 3003h14 but I need to roll a aluminum wire in the edge of the seat that needs to get welded on a corner to the seat and another (3/4") tube. my problem is I can only seem to find solid wire in 6061. how does 6061 and 3003 weld? as far as compatibility for gas welding. or any other ideas are welcome thanks

The Tin Man Respondeth:

Yes, 3003 welds to 6061 very well and 5356 filler is recommended for that.

Tubing and round/flat bar are commonly available as 6061, though 5052 can sometimes be found. No reason to find the 5052, as the 6061 is just as good for your application. Gas welding or tig welding will work just fine.

Kent White

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