Aluminum Welding Limits

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I just read your article on welding aluminum with gas. I've never done this process. I am a boilermaker and am familiar with smaw,tig,mig and gas welding mostly of stainless and mild steel. The article said it was only practicle to weld .05 inch material. This is only about 20 gauge if I'm correct. It won't work on .25 I am assuming if I read everything right?? At least not on a butt weld. It would be ok where small fillets are required though,maybe?

I have a friend with an alluminum boat. It is riveted, but he has over time popped some of the rivets out and tried closing them with epoxy which works out somehow. I was wondering about welding some of the holes for him. I am wondering if you might be able to give me some advice on this. Also how much is your video.  Thank you for your time, Milton Doles 

The Tinman Respondeth:

.05 is the limit? I gotta change that. Personal ability is the limit. Mine" at the thin end. Traditional upper limit is 5/8". I have done ".250.

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