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I am working on a project using #316 (not #136L) stainless tube; 1" dia. X .035" wall, and would like to learn how to butt weld the material. I do have some experence with silver brazing. Do you have any training materal that would help me with stainless gas welding? I may try using my own torch with your flux to start with, and also would like to purchase some filler rods for the above #316 material. Can you put together a kit for me? You have the best tech. site on gas welding I have ever found.

The Tin Man Respondeth:

Use the right flux, and mix properly. Do not keep it after mixed for 6 hrs. Use 316 filler rod. Set torch very slightly rich on acet. Clean filler and base metal on both sides. Flux rod, both sides of part, and weld. Good glasses ( TM 2000 ) are a big help. Use a fine silica sandblast to clean surfaces after welding  (glass etcher's sand).


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