Silver Braze vs. Tig Welding

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Could you explain the difference in silver braze versus tig. welding, such as in boiler manufacture.
I understand that fire tubes are supposed to be "rolled or silver brazed" in the tube end sheets.
I have experience with mig, arc, and gas welding. I have never dealt with silver braze. Thank you for your response,

The Tin Man Respondeth:

Silver brazing is done with oxy-acet. using a soft flame and large-ish tip. The BAg material can be bare w/ flux on the side, or flux-coated. It is usually thin-flowing, high strength, low-distortion with beautiful joints and penetration.

Perfect for thin metals in complex joints. Goes on at 1020F or so. Same elegant method used by the Brits on their tube-framed everythings- aircraft, racecars, motorcycles and bicycles.

The filler varies with application: more or less silver ($$$) and with or without nickel. Ever heard of the sheetmetal engine? Oakland, CA--1950? 4cyl Crosley. Best wishes, Kent

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