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We have been attempting to Tig weld .060 stainless. The material is 2 inches wide rolled into a circle, where it is butt welded. I do not want to see an ugly weld. Are there machines available that will do this kind of welding? Or is it left entirely up to the welders to create a tiny bead. It is the cosmetics that I am concerned about, can you help?
Sky Smith
Quality Control
Thank you.

The Tinman Respondeth:

The dainty appearance welds you see on the F16 engine exhaust shrouds were done by Plenetics Corp. The owner there showed me how they did it with TIG.

Use a formed copper backing plate of .125" min. th. Fit butts tight and clamp. Use no filler, and steady hand to tack carefully. Then weld complete, using autogenous method (with no filler).

My Welding Stainless Booklet covers TIG settings and tungsten profiles for Stainless Welding.


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