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We are looking for the perfect tool to weld .058 chromolly and/or aluminum tubing for a trailer we are getting ready to manufacture.  Any suggestions? Is MIG best or can it be done as well with gas? We are manufacturing a bicycle cargo trailer of chromolly and later aluminum tubing.  HELP!


The Tin Man Respondeth:


Well now, it seems as though a weld-process engineer would look at your trailer design, joint geometry, and production methods before specifying.

I would guess that a person good with a wire-feed could keep productivity up, but unless the design is looked at, all those MIG-welds would have to be stress-relieved with the torch. The torch would do a fine job on either material, without needing stress relief, but it is a little slower, and nicer looking. On aluminum, though the flux needs to be cleaned off thoroughly.

Also, joint design is critical with aluminum welded joints, as the HAZ remains softer, and therefore weaker.


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