What is the best welding flux removal technique?

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I am interested in the flux, lens and booklets on aluminum welding. Regarding the flux:
Is it corrosive and required to be removed?  I am making fuel and oil tanks for homebuilts.  What is the best removal technique?  Hot water?  I trust that details are in your booklets which I will order.

The Tin Man Respondeth:

The tradition is to rinse the corrosive flux out with hot water, and an insurance is to use an acid solution. One such recipe is in the little Aircraft Aluminum Gas Welding Booklet , but I often use the " Must For Rust " (MP7) to rinse tanks with.

NOTE: MP7 was bought by another company and the name has changed to
Must For Rust, or MFR as we call it. It is still great, effective, easy.